Blue Exorcist Manga Will Take A 2-Month Break Due To Author’s Fatigue

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Blue Exorcists author, Kazue Kato, will take a 2-month break!. It’s Sad news for Blue Exorcists manga fans.

Author, Kazue Kato, has posted on her official Twitter about her health issue and her fatigue. She also said that she will take a 2-month break on her beloved and famous manga, Blue Exorcist.

Because of the break, the next chapters of Blue Exorcist manga won’t appear in the March and April issues of Shueisha’s Jump SQ. Also, Kazue explained that “simply put, 12 years of fatigue exploded.”, she also said that she is not sick and that we shouldn’t worry because she is enjoying her vacation. Hopefully, she can recover from that fatigue and we wish her to enjoy her vacations to the fullest! She deserves it! In addition, Blue Exorcist also announced an MMORPG planned last year.

If you haven’t read about Blue Exorcist you can read it on the official Jump SQ website here!
The manga also just exceeded over 26 volumes in total since it released in 2009!

Source: Kazue Kato’s official Twitter

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