Baruto Is The Most Watched Anime In Asia

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NEWS: Boruto Is The Most Watched Anime In Asia On Crunchyroll Platform!

This is not a drill! Boruto is the 2020s most watched anime in Asia on the Crunchyroll platform.

Crunchyroll revealed its most popular anime. Black Clover was the most-watched anime worldwide but in almost all the Asian countries, Boruto was the most popular and most watched anime.

Crunchyroll Reveals The Most Watched Anime In 2020, Black Clover Takes The Lead!

Here is the Crunchyroll’s most popular anime of 2020:

1: Black Clover – 87 Countries

2: JuJutsu Kaisen – 71 Countries

3: Boruto – 32 Countries

4: My Hero Academia – 23 Countries

5: Tower of God – 10 Countries

6: Attack On Titan – 6 Countries

7: Re Zero – 1 Country

8: Onyx Equinx – 1 Country.

Source: Crunchyroll


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