Attack on Titan The Final Season Episode 08 Will be Titled “Assassin’s Bullet”, Premieres January 31

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It’s almost Sunday again! Episode 8 of the final season of Attack on Titan premieres tomorrow, titled “Assassin’s Bullet”. Eren has eaten The War Hammer Titan and was just about to add the Jaw Titan to his collection as well. However, Reiner woke up and we’re about to see him try and save Porco, though might be hard against current Eren. The preview describes it as “Furious to have her hometown trampled, Gabi picks up a gun and takes off.”

Hajime Isayama

Episode 8 of Attack on Titan The Final Season premieres in Japan on January 31 at 24:10 JPST (00:10 February 1), and a few hours later on international streaming platforms. It already got trending a lot, so expecting it to go wild again!

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